25-29 June 2018
OIST Conference Center
Japan timezone


Review Talks

speakers titles slides videos
Francesco Benini Dualities and dynamics in 2+1 dimensions PDF YouTube
Clay Cordova What's new with Q? PDF YouTube
Xi Dong Quantum entanglement in holography PDF YouTube
Thomas Hartman Bounds on energy, entropy, and transport PDF YouTube
David Morrison Three roads to 4D supersymmetric physics PDF YouTube
Ashoke Sen Developments in string field theory PDF YouTube
David Simmons-Duffin Developments in the conformal bootstrap PDF YouTube

Morrison Abstract: There are three roads to 4D supersymmetric physics from higher dimensional theories: F-theory compactified on the base of an elliptic Calabi-Yau fourfold, M-theory compactified on a space with holonomy G_2, and the heterotic string compactified on a Calabi-Yau threefold with bundle and connection.  We will explore recent progress down each of these three roads.

Plenary Talks

speakers titles slides videos
Lara Anderson Calabi-Yau fibrations, finiteness and string dualities PDF YouTube
Philip Argyres Coulomb branches of 4d QFTs PDF YouTube
Tohru Eguchi Introduction to stringy moonshine PDF YouTube
Thomas Faulkner Modular flow for bulk reconstruction and the QNEC PDF YouTube
Davide Gaiotto Topological holography PDF YouTube
James Halverson String theory and data science PDF YouTube
Masanori Hanada Black holes and random matrices II: New universality at early time? PDF YouTube
Sarah Harrison Number theory in string theory: skew mock false, and quantum PDF YouTube
Jeffrey Harvey Umbral and penumbral moonshine PDF YouTube
Simeon Hellerman Some elementary but surprising properties of quantum field theories PDF YouTube
Yu-tin Huang Inside the walls of positive geometry: the space of consistent QFTs PDF YouTube
Igor Klebanov Tensor quantum mechanics at N large and small PDF YouTube
Zohar Komargodski The vacua of some 2+1 dimensional gauge theories PDF YouTube
Shota Komatsu Nonplanar correlators in N=4 SYM from integrability PDF YouTube
Madalena Lemos Bootstrapping 4d N=2 theories PDF YouTube
Roberto Longo Modular theory and Bekenstein's bound PDF YouTube
Juan Maldacena Traversable wormholes PDF YouTube
Gregory Moore Global anomalies in six-dimensional supergravity PDF YouTube
Natalie Paquette Boundaries, interfaces, and duality in 3d SCFTs PDF YouTube
Roji Pius Quantum closed superstrings and hyperbolic geometry PDF YouTube
Silviu Pufu M-theory S-matrix from 3d SCFT PDF YouTube
Xiaoliang Qi Eternal traversable wormhole in two dimensions PDF YouTube
Shlomo Razamat SCFTs in 6d and IR symmetry enhancement in 4d PDF YouTube
Jorge Santos Connecting the weak gravity conjecture to the weak cosmic censorship PDF YouTube
Nathan Seiberg QED3 PDF YouTube
Shu-Heng Shao Beyond symmetry: Topological lines in 2D PDF YouTube
Jaewon Song N=1 Lagrangians for N=2 "Non-Lagrangian" theories PDF YouTube
Douglas Stanford A semiclassical ramp in SYK and in gravity PDF YouTube
Andrew Strominger Progress in soft physics PDF YouTube
Eva Silverstein de Sitter holography and entanglement entropy PDF YouTube
Cumrun Vafa Cosmology and the string swampland PDF YouTube
Irene Valenzuela Swampland, field distances and naturalness PDF YouTube
Edward Witten Monotonicity of relative entropy in quantum field theory PDF YouTube
Masahito Yamazaki Integrable field theories from 4d Chern-Simons theory PDF YouTube


Golden Jubilee of String Theory

   chaired by David Gross


speakers titles slides
Michael Green 50 years of string theory PDF
John Schwarz 50th anniversary PDF
Gabriele Veneziano Of crises and revolutions PDF
Juan Maldacena 50th anniversary of string theory PDF
Shiraz Minwalla Two questions about gravity PDF
Eva Silverstein 50th anniversary of ST PDF
Daniel Harlow Some thoughts on where we are PDF
Douglas Stanford Black holes as normal quantum systems PDF
Xi Yin What is perturbative string theory? PDF
David Gross, Chair The future of string theory conferences PDF


Gong Show

speakers titles slides videos
Ksenia Bulycheva SYK model with N=2 supersymmetry PDF YouTube
Shai Chester M-theory S-matrix from 6d CFT PDF YouTube
Yogesh Dandekar Membrane dynamics and gravity PDF YouTube
Masazumi Honda Role of complexified supersymmetric solutions PDF YouTube
Chang-Tse Hsieh Discrete gauge anomalies revisited PDF YouTube
Patrick Jefferson SCFTs, compact CY 3-folds, and topological strings PDF YouTube
Sitender Kashyap Equivalence of amplitudes involving massive string states in pure spinor and RNS formalisms PDF YouTube
Petr Kravchuk Lorentzian inversion formulae and light-ray operators in conformal field theory PDF YouTube
Craig Lawrie F is for fiber: Theories of class F and their anomalies PDF YouTube
Alexandru Lupsasca Conformal symmetry in the sky: Polarization whorls from M87 at the event horizon telescope PDF YouTube
Thomas Mertens The Schwarzian and black hole physics PDF YouTube
Emily Nardoni Structure of anomalies in 4d SCFTs from M5-branes PDF YouTube
Monica Pate Color memory PDF YouTube
Ander Retolaza de Sitter from warped anti-D3-branes? PDF YouTube
Bogdan Stoica Bit thread decomposition of holographic entanglement PDF YouTube
Tomonori Ugajin Scrambling and relative entropy PDF YouTube
Koji Umemoto Holographic entanglement of purification PDF YouTube
Fei Yan Line defect Schur indices, Verlinde algebras and U(1) fixed points PDF YouTube


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