25-29 June 2018
OIST Conference Center
Japan timezone

Past & Future Strings

Strings 2022 Vienna Austria
Strings 2020 Cape Town South Africa
Strings 2019 Brussels Belgium
Strings 2018 OIST, Okinawa Japan
Strings 2017 Tel Aviv Israel
Strings 2016 Tsinghua University, Beijing China
Strings 2015 ICTS, Bengaluru India
Strings 2014 Princeton University & IAS USA
Strings 2013 Sogang University, Seoul Korea
Strings 2012 Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, München Germany
Strings 2011 Uppsala University Sweden
Strings 2010 Texas A&M University USA
Strings 2009 Pontificia Università S. Tommaso, Rome Italy
Strings 2008 CERN, Geneva Switzerland
Strings 2007 Universidad Autonoma de Madrid Spain
Strings 2006 Beijing China
Strings 2005 University of Toronto Canada
Strings 2004 Collège de France, Paris France
Strings 2003 Kyoto University Japan
Strings 2002 Cambridge University UK
Strings 2001 Tata Institute, Mumbai India
Strings 2000 University of Michigan, Ann Arbor USA
Strings '99 Max Planck Institute, Postsdam Germany
Strings '98 ITP, Santa Barbara, California USA
Strings '97 University of Amsterdam Netherlands
Strings '96 ITP, Santa Barbara, California USA
Strings '95 UCS, Los Angeles, California USA
Strings '93 LBNL, Berkeley, California USA
Strings '91 Stony Brook University, New York USA
Strings '90 Texas A&M University USA
Strings '89 Texas A&M University USA


Slides of past Strings talks are archived at Yuji Tachikawa's Unofficial Strings Mirror. See also his Strings speakers statistics.


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