September 23, 2020
Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST)
Japan timezone

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GMP 2020 Program - September 23, 2020

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12:00 PM to 12:10 PM GMT: Opening Remarks
12:10 PM to 12:20 PM GMT: K. Sugihara, Ambiguous tiling
12:20 PM to 12:30 PM GMT: C. Zhang, Robust atlas generation via angle-based segmentation
12:30 PM to 12:40 PM GMT: H. Liu, Simultaneous interior and boundary optimization of volumetric domain parameterizations for IGA
12:40 PM to 12:50 PM GMT: Q. Chang, Iterative coordinates
12:50 PM to 13:00 PM GMT: A. Giust, Local (T)HB-spline projectors via restricted hierarchical spline fitting

13:00 PM to 13:10 PM GMT: W. Rharbaoui, Local computation of homology variations over a construction process
13:10 PM to 13:20 PM GMT: J. Cheng, Skeletonization via dual of shape segmentation
13:20 PM to 13:30 PM GMT: X. Liu, LRC-Net: Learning discriminative features on point clouds by encoding local region contexts
13:30 PM to 13:40 PM GMT: W. Zhang, Multi-Stage point completion network with critical set supervision
13:40 PM to 13:50 PM GMT: J. Xie, Interpolatory Catmull-Clark volumetric subdivision over unstructured hexahedral meshes for modeling and simulation applications
13:50 PM to 14:00 PM GMT: B. Yang, P2MAT-NET: Learning medial axis transform from point clouds

14:00 PM to 14:10 PM GMT: X. Lang, Structure-aware shape correspondence networks for 3D shape synthesis
14:10 PM to 14:20 PM GMT: Z. Šír, Classification of planar Pythagorean Hodograph curves
14:20 PM to 14:30 PM GMT: Closing Remarks