September 23, 2020
Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST)
Japan timezone


Please note that the conference will be a one-day zoom meeting on September 23, 2020.

OIST administrative staff will contact to people who already have settled the registration fee.


Category Early bird
General JPY 50,000 JPY 55,000 JPY 60,000
Student JPY 35,000 JPY 40,000 JPY 45,000


Registration Flow:

1. Sign Up for the Registration System

Please open the [ 🔗Apollon system ] created by Nippon Travel Agency Co., Ltd. and create your account in the system by clicking the "Registration for New Users" button at the upper-right corner of the page.
Please do not forget to proceed to "Registration" after your account is created because your conference registration is not complete yet.

2. Registration

After logging in, please click "Registration" and fill in the form.
After you finish filling in the form, please click the "Submit (finish registering)" button if you are registering only yourself as a participant. If you are going to register other conference participants with your account, please click the "Submit (continue making registrations)" button instead.

3. Accommodation (optional)

You can optionally reserve your accommodation with this system. Please proceed to "Accommodations" by clicking the left sidebar button after logging in.
Also, there is free accommodation (with no meals) at OIST Seaside House available to students only. There are 22 twin rooms, and a maximum of 44 people can stay there. Reservation is on a first come, first served basis. For more details, please see the "Students Only" page in the side bar.

4. Payment

After logging in, please proceed to "Payment" by clicking the left sidebar button.



  • The registration fee covers admission to all presentations and keynotes, coffee and snack breaks, lunch, reception at Hotel Moon Beach (on September 22), Banquet (on September 24) , and excursion.
  • You can optionally reserve your accommodation with the system, and/or request documentations for the Visa. List of Visa Exemption Countries.
  • Shuttle bus services will be available during the workshop period, between designated hotels(*) and OIST.
    (*Designated hotels: Hotel Moon Beach, Rizzan Sea-Park Hotel, Sheraton Okinawa Sunmarina Resort, Onna Marineview Palace and OIST Seaside House).