25-29 June 2018
OIST Conference Center
Japan timezone

Confirmed Speakers

Review Talks
Francesco Benini
nonsupersymmetric theories and their dualities in three dimensions
Clay Cordova
exact results in supersymmetric theories
Xi Dong
holographic entanglement
Thomas Hartman
bounds on energy, entropy, and transport in quantum field theory
David Morrison
aspects of string compactifications, including various approaches to four dimensoinal string vacua and relations to superconformal field theories
Ashoke Sen
string field theory
David Simmons-Duffin
conformal bootstrap, both its analytic and numerical aspects
Plenary Talks
Lara Anderson
Philip Argyres
Tohru Eguchi
Thomas Faulkner
Davide Gaiotto
Jeffrey Harvey
Simeon Hellerman
Igor Klebanov
Zohar Komargodski
Shota Komatsu
Madalena Lemos
Juan Maldacena
Gregory Moore
Roji Pius
Silviu Pufu
Xiaoliang Qi
Shlomo Razamat
Nathan Seiberg
Andrew Strominger
Eva Silverstein
Cumrun Vafa
Irene Valenzuela
Edward Witten
Masahito Yamazaki
Shing-Tung Yau
nine more plenary speakers will be invited
Gong Show
We are soliciting appliations to 5 minutes talks at the Gong Show, which will be held on Monday. The application procedure can be found on this page.
Golden Jubilee of String Theory
David Gross [ Chair ]
speakers to be announced


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